In calculating the multiplier for the various divisions, I did not take into account some obvious geographic underpinnings that must somehow play a role in determining whether private/parochials have an advantage. In a perfect world, we could look at the public schools that the parochials pull from and use the enrollments of those public schools to assign the "fair" enrollment figure for those parochial schools. But since these geographic differences can't be completely separated from other variables, it is likely that we may only be able to use this information in conjunction with those other variables (perhaps as a predictor variable in a regression.)

The fact that the "parochial overperformance" decreases as school size decreases supports this idea that the size of the "enrollment pool" is an important concept.

Parochial Overperformance by Division

Division I:  1.78:1

Division IV: 1.49:1
Division II: 1.72:1 Division V: 1.44:1
Division III: 1.57:1 Division VI: 1.15:1

Examples of geographic differences on the "enrollment pool":

Suppose 4 different parochial/private (even open enrollment) schools, each parochial school can accept students from a pool of public schools.

  Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
Total enrollment of the public schools in the private school's "enrollment pool" 2000 2000 2000 1000
Enrollment of the parochial school 300 200 300 300
Another parochial school in the same "enrollment pool"? No No Yes No

In the above (oversimplified) situation, one can easily see that the parochial school #1 should be in the best position.

I would like to add this type of data to my analysis, but to do so I must ask for your help. If you have information about the enrollment pools of any of the private/parochial schools in Regions 1, 13, or 21 please fill out the following form:

Private/Parochial school I am reporting:

Public schools that make up this parochial school's enrollment pool: For each public school, are there other parochial schools that those students could attend, if so how many?

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